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Cleaner’s Code of Conduct

1. Cleanliness, tidiness and security of my client’s home is my top priority.
2. Home owners are my partners. I have their trust and I will do everything not to disappoint them.
3. I always respond to messages from home owners, even when I am not available for cleaning.
4. I always keep to my appointments and arrive on time. I wear decent clothes so I would not cause offence to my clients. Something happened and I cannot make it in time? I will promptly let my clients know.
5. Cleaning is my job and I take it seriously. My personal activities are put aside.
6. Each home owner is an individual and has their own requirements. I respect them and do my best to do exactly as they say.
7. No matter what state the home is in, cleaning it is a task I must complete.
8. I respect the confidentiality of my clients.
9. Hygiene is not a foreign concept for me and I am thorough about it.
10. If there is anything not clear or I am having a problem of any kind, I will contact the home owners immediately.