Do you need to clean your flat? InsertYour CITY and choose from the list

Do I have to pay for anything?
No, you don’t. Registration is free. However, if you want to have your profile appear on the first page of our search results, you can promote it for a small fee. That way you increase the probability of getting a new client.
How do I arrange a cleaning?
Always arrange the place of cleaning via messages on our website – not by phone or email. You never know who you may deal with. If you’re not sure about a client, it’s better to decline them. Always arrange your first meeting in a public place and always tell someone you know where you’re going.
I want to register as a cleaner, but the system will register me as a home owner instead.
The problem may be caused by the Ask Toolbar. It tends to cover the part of the registration form where you choose whether you want to register as a home owner or a cleaner. If you’re using Google Chrome (other browsers are similar in this respect), go into the options menu – click on the three horizontal stripes located in the upper right part of the window – then click Tools and then Extensions. There you’ll see a list of extensions. If there’s the Ask Toolbar in that list, remove it or at least disable it.